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Beautiful events.... Stunning receptions.... Crystal clear performances....

Memorable stage & event design... and Unequaled resources!


Fantasy becomes reality... and dreams are realized before your eyes.


Awards Ceremonies, Weddings, Fundraisers, Fashion Shows,  Corporate Events, Receptions and Galas

...Comprehensive Event Production all from Dallas Light and Sound...


Dallas Light and Sound serves clients across North Texas, making the world a more beautiful place one glittering event at a time. Only the most talented event and production designers, the most brilliant and creative minds, the best resources.....

they assure that we deliver cherished memories for our clients.

Dallas Event Facilities We Know and Love


Yes we have favorites!  Each of these facilities is a joy to work in and they work hard to make our work successful. 

Don't see the location where you are planning to hold your event? Don't worry, Dallas Light and Sound will reach out to the facility manager to find out all we need to know to make your event exceptional.

(We may have already worked there.)

Dallas Light and Sound also excels in taking non-traditional environments and making them shine as event locations.

Party in a barn? Party in an old auto garage? Party on a rooftop? We've done it!

We Don't Do Food

These Companies Do Incredible Food


These caterers are our clients.

They trust Dallas Light and Sound to provide production services for their clients.

We know them. We trust them. Their food is delicious!

If you need catering for your event or reception - we recommend them!

plus.... 2616 Commerce Events Center, The Filter Building, The Dallas Contemporary, and many others

Making It Happen


It's a team effort. Here are the leaders of our team.

Neale Jones

Craig Canant

Life in a world of boundless creativity...


Bountiful production and decor resources are at your disposal from our

warehouse which is located near the Design District. It is overflowing with audio equipment, trussing, video equipment, linens, lighting fixtures and event decor. Because we own the means of production, our pricing is rarely dependent on the cost of rentals. From design to execution, our technical and design savvy are driven by a desire for every event to be beautiful and for every event to exceed the vision

of our clients. 


Dallas Light and Sound produces events regularly in many major event venues, including the Hilton Anatole Hotel, the Frontiers of Flght Museum, the Fashion Industry Gallery, and we are the only preferred vendor for audio, lighting, video and event production at Texas Discovery Gardens.

Rental or Production?


Our approach to the event industry is to own the latest in event production equipment and to

keep those resources in perfect working order

for the next event or reception where they are needed.


Owning the means of production allows Dallas Light and Sound

to provide exceptionally competitive pricing for our clients.


Our business is focused on helping our clients acheive oustanding results.

We assist our clients in creating beautiful events, stunning receptions,

and effective corporate presentation.

Our business is not centered around renting equipment.




If you are seeking to "rent a projector" for an event,

are planning to come and pick it up and put it on a table and that is all you need,

we probabaly aren't the resource for you.





Let's say your event involves showing a video, powerpoint or other presentation.

There are lots of ways we can be a valuable resource to assist you with your event.

Dallas Light and Sound can supply one or more projectors with screens, or,

as an alternative, provide hi-definition LCD flatscreens mounted on truss.

We'll make certain that our video euipment is connected properly to a computer

or other playback device - and can even supply the computer or DVD player.

We often supply an audio system to accompany the video equipment, which

serves to amplify speeches or announcements delivered by presenters or hosts during the event.

Plus, our services include delivery of all of the equipment, set up, and

a skilled technician to run the equipment during the event.


Easy - Breezy - Beautiful


Event Lighting  -  Event Audio  -  Event Furnishings

Event Design  -  Event Planning

Video Projection & Flatscreens  -  Staging & Set Design

Turn Key Event Production Services

Events of Every Size Should Sparkle!


Dallas Light and Sound provides production services for events of every size.


From meetings attended by a few dozen people, to huge public events atttended by thousands,

the clients of Dallas Light and Sound know that we will

devote the resources and creativity necessary to create a truly wonderful event experience.


Our Team
All Sizes
Get Real

No Tie Dinner

at Frontiers of Flight Museum

Fashion X Dallas

at F.I.G. - Fashion Industry Gallery

View Our Work - This Is How We Do It

A Beautiful Wedding

at Texas Discovery Gardens

Champagne Ball - New Years Eve

at Turner House

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