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"Fashion X Dallas had THE best lighting I have EVER seen at a local show. Pure, bright and strong which is the best way of illuminating fashion shows. Not only do we see the clothes in perfect detail in person but the images we capture can be of extremely high quality too!"


Photographer Sterling T. Steves -  September 9, 2016



Lighting, audio, video, runway and staging and risers,

backstage essentials, stage flats and pipe and drape... cocktail bars, highboys, linens, seating... carpets, stanchions, VIP lounge furniture...


...all in the Dallas Light and Sound warehouse

 and ready to deploy for your fashion event!

Fashion is serious business - and designers and show producers from across North Texas know that Dallas Light and Sound will deliver the right combination of resources and talent to make their creations sparkle. Lighting, audio, staging, backdrops, and video are the most requested resources we supply for fashion shows. Assistance with floorplanning, with backstage setup, and with front of house design are all available to our clients.


Whether planning a traditional runway show, or a stand and model informal event, or a fixed fashion showcase using mannequins or floating hangers - we can light the show - set the mood - play the muic - project the video - supply the stage - and make those clothes look great.


Need a setup for backstage for hair and makeup - got it! Want racks for clothes - handled. Highboys and cocktail bars and tables and everything for front of house - done!

A Passion for Fashion...


  "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street.

Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happning." 

Coco Chanel

Evening of Hope 2017 - 06
Fashion CITED 2016 - 05
Fashion CITED 2016 - 02
Evening of Hope 2017 - 07
Project Ruffway for SPCA 2016 - 02
AIN Blooin Ball Kickoff 2017 - 01
DRF - Poolside Fashion Show 02.jpg
AOC Eve of Hope - 12
Evening of Hope 2017 - 04
AOC Eve of Hope 2016 - 11
Fashion X Dallas 2016 - 05
AOC Eve of Hope 02.jpg
La Reve Coture by Sterlig T Steves - 09.jpg
Fashion X Dallas 07.jpg
LHT Little Black Dress 2016 - 02
Style by Ese 03.jpg
Reveal - Eve of Hope Luanch 2016
Fashion Cited 2013.jpg
DLS at Fashion CITED 103.jpg
Fashion CITED 2011 - 103.jpg
Fashion CITED 2013 - 01.jpg
AOC Eve of Hope 52.jpg
FNO Southlake 2012 02.jpg
Fashion X Dallas 06.jpg
Fashion CITED 2009 04 - Models 13.jpg
FNO Southlake 2012 01.jpg
August Alexander 2010.jpg
La Reve Coture by Sterlig T Steves - 33.jpg
Fashion X Dallas 105.jpg
AOC Eve of Hope 01.jpg
Fashion X Dallas 01.jpg
LL Landmark Dinner 2011 17.jpg
Michelle Rodriguez 2009.jpg
BLKLN 2013 Show 44.jpg
FC 14.jpg
August Alexander Fashion Show.jpg
LL Landmark Dinner 2011 09.jpg
Fashion X Dallas 2014 01.jpg
DRF - Poolside Fashion Show 17.jpg
La Reve Coture by Sterlig T Steves - 85.jpg
Fashion CITED 2009 04 - Models 10.jpg
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